We see clients everyday that are frustrated with the unsuccessful conventional treatment options they have been given to improve their health. When multiple medical tests, medications, diets, exercise and treatment plans fail, they remain sick or they continue the long arduous journey of self-diagnosis. They begin to search for answers in friends, family, the Internet, endless diet and fitness programs and/or unqualified individuals.

Our goal is to provide the educated answers our clients are desperately seeking all in one place, at trUbalance! We strive to greatly improve the health of our clients by truly listening to what their body is trying to communicate. Years of experience and advanced training allow us to get to the root cause of the problem and offer solutions unique to the individual. Health can only be restored when underlying imbalances are identified and corrected. This takes a coordinated team of healthcare professionals working together for YOU!

We believe that every BODY is different. Our team takes a whole body approach to nutrition and fitness.

NUTRITION:   Our approach to nutrition goes much deeper than telling you what and when to eat. For example, did you know that stress depletes vitamins and minerals that contribute to chemical imbalances that make you crave sugar, salt, alcohol and/or fat? So telling you to avoid sugar and focusing on weight loss is not fixing the root of the problem, nor is it correcting the nutritional deficiencies, and it most certainly will not work long term. Furthermore, what if you have sleep issues, low energy and/or fatigue? Would it make sense for us to ask you to meal plan, go shopping, pack snacks, and cook a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner without first getting to the root of your low energy? Years of stress, poor diet, genetics, health history, medications, lack of exercise, too much exercise, lack of sleep, smoking, etc., all change your nutritional needs and have profound and lasting effects on your health. Our dietitians get to the root of your health issues, find practical solutions, and use natural approaches to address and correct your imbalances so you can finally feel your best!  More on Nutrition...

FITNESS:   We believe that rigid and aggressive fitness plans developed for you not WITH you are sure to cause injury, a high drop out rate, and ultimately fail. Our goal is to develop a fitness plan with you that you enjoy, can sustain long-term, evolves as you progress, and fits your lifestyle. In order to develop your perfect fitness plan, we start with a very unique and scientifically proven approach often neglected in other fitness plans. We first identify your body imbalances through a movement assessment and correct any imbalances with corrective exercise. At trUbalance, our trainers are certified experts in corrective exercise. Building a solid foundation with this type of exercise is vital to your success. We assess and correct every aspect of movement from how you sit and stand to how you perform various fitness activities. We know that when you take the time to learn the correct way to move, you not only see marked improvements in your physical health but also in how you look and feel.  More on Fitness...

SYNERGY:   One of the most unique things about trUbalance is our ability to coordinate your care! Our experts are under one roof and both our dietitians and trainers use the same approach to wellness. They both look to correct body imbalances and restore health using scientifically proven methods that ultimately help you live your best life!

SUPPORT:   The trUbalance team is committed to supporting you every step of the way in your journey to better health. We understand that changing your eating habits or tackling a new workout program isn't easy, and there will be times when you struggle. That's why we make ourselves available to each of our customers on an ongoing basis- you'll be able to text, call or email us whenever you have questions or you just need a little extra encouragement. Your goals are our goals, too, so we're dedicated to helping you succeed.

Call or email us today to find out more about how we can develop a plan specifically for YOU!