Corporate Wellness

Most wellness programs that are offered today fall flat and do not speak to the individual as employees who appear to be healthy on “snapshot” health assessments still have nutritional imbalances that contribute to chronic diseases, decreased cardiovascular health and common conditions often associated with presenteeism and increasing health care costs.

Why You Should Partner With trUbalance

1. Our expertise and cutting-edge approach to wellness for the individual is also available for corporations looking to set themselves apart by offering the most comprehensive functional wellness program for their employees.

2. At trUbalance, we will use a customized approach to integrate our clinical lab testing and fitness testing into any wellness program! We can facilitate onsite blood draws, coordinate speakers for lunch and learn events, and establish programs for report interpretation with fitness, supplement and diet recommendations. See our Nutritional Testing. Based on our testing, we can provide one-on-one diet and exercise therapy, individual Health Blueprints, individual anti-inflammatory diets, personalized vitamin and mineral plans, and on-going support!

3. We also provide options for employee fitness and proper body movement by utilizing the expertise of our personal trainer, message therapist, and our chiropractor creating a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to wellness.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and discuss your endless wellness program options unique to your company!